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Financial Services

At present, financial institutions face unprecedented challenges in the form of turmoil in global finance and volatile situation with doubts about economic slow down. They need to adapt to the whole range of fast changing long and short term scenarios by transforming themselves into resilient and knowledgeable entities. The industry comprising banks, securities firms, insurance companies, mutual fund organizations, investment banks, pensions, funds and mortgage lenders is one of the size and growing at the rate of 5% annually.

Some of the challenges include increased competition, new rules for regulation and scrutiny and increasing customer appetite for transparent Information access. There is an immediate need for designing sophisticated models for risk-adjusted allocation of capital in each geographical region, each business unit as well as each product and segment To get back to a flourishing position, industry leaders are concentrating on devising new applications and income sources, along with carefully designed viable business strategies to address the aftermath of regulatory constraints, competitive dynamics and market fluctuations.

VENSIT’s core capabilities for financial services firms include unique know-how, tactical knowledge and complete IT infrastructure and resources that ensure robust growth and make them competent global players through well-designed international operating models and processes that deal with size and intricacy. While taking advantage of the latest technology solutions and their various efficiencies, we deploy application transformation processes to gain optimum value from IT spending to enable organizations to be more resilient with the changing global scenario.

Contact us for a better insight into our capabilities, resources, innovative processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s portfolio of successfully implemented Financial services projects using a wide range of technologies and solutions.

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