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Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceuticals market is in ceaseless business change, and there is a tremendous demand to continuously adapt to the existing global realities. While it’s through mergers, acquisitions and alliances, companies transform themselves into complex and international entities, it becomes ever more essential to have a system that is easy to maintain in multiple facilities, locations, platforms and countries. The operational and logistics resources of any Pharma company must cater to sales and distribution in the global arena.

VENSIT has designed and developed a set of software solutions to help the pharmaceutical industry achieve operational excellence and profitability. We provide tools to manage and optimize your key business processes and help manage your portfolio strategies, resource allocation and decision making strategies.

We offer customized business software solution to your organizational requirements in the following areas
•  Sales & Distribution Management
•  Demand Management
•  Ware house & Inventory Management
•  Financials & Accounting Management
•  Purchase & Material Management

Contact us for a better picture of our capabilities, resources, innovative processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s track record of successfully implemented Pharmaceutical industry projects using a variety of technologies and solutions.

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