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Retail and Consumer Products

In the increasingly connected world, consumer brands are faced with fresh and unexpected challenges threatening their business-as-usual mind set. Rapid advances in technology combined with global economic uncertainty altered consumer shopping paradigm. Mass marketing by established brands is no longer profitable and they need to develop a more subtle approach to accessing potential customers while keeping their base intact. E-commerce, mobile devices, smart apps and social media allow consumers to access information rapidly, influencing their buying behavior. The older models and strategies of consideration, conversion and customer loyalty are discarded or revamped to adjust for intricate consumer behavior. This new trend has compelled consumer marketers to search and find solutions to the new commercial reality. This calls for imaginative interpretation and innovative use of data analytics in planning effective ways to reach out to consumers and influencing their buying decisions so that new customer base is added and profitability is enhanced.

VENSIT offers consumer product organizations its proven domain specific know how, strategic planning and top to bottom IT solutions that foster growth of the enterprises through reliable operating models and processes that can deal with size and complexity. We make use of our knowledge in product transformation solutions to bring out the best from IT investments that facilitate organizations to be more flexible and better at creating value from this new technology paradigm.

Contact us for a better perspective on our capabilities, innovative processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s track record of successfully implemented consumer products and retail projects covering a wide range of technologies and strategies.

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