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Software Developer

Software Developer needed to perform the following duties: Understanding scope of work to be performed using Standard business process flows. Workshop’s sessions with key business personal/clients and business folks to get clear understanding of the current functional components and the business process. Creating Business process documents, Functional and Technical specifications for enlisting the detailed design including each and every component. Reviewing the documents with the SJI’s business folks and incorporating the comments/feedback/gaps if any. Support creation of to-be flows,configuration/customization Sheets, specification documents, fit gap analysis documentation etc. Define or review detailed functional and technical process, infrastructure, security design. Perform detailed Proof of concepts on the base product features as per the requirements and also analysis of existing code prior to the functional/technical design documentation and suctioning. Prepare functional & Technical specification and do development for interfaces, extensions. Review functional & technical specifications for completeness and correctness. Develop understanding of the existing code/framework and transform it into new product. Be able to assist with creating, coordinating and configuring batch runs, jobs etc. within OUAF POC’s to check the requirement feasibility with the upgraded product features. Post upgrade, replace the existing features with either the productized OOB configuration or develop custom code around the existing components. Build the configurations for functional/technical designs and test them thoroughly for end to end processes. Communicate with all the stakeholders prior to development of custom components for detailed solution. Build and end to end testing of custom components for each functional area. To use Bundles and CMA concepts in CC&B to migrate changes made in lower environments to higher environments. Build the technical designs using CC&B components, Java or plug-in scripts and recommend possible customization alternatives that factor in gap resolution and technical feasibility and add the required customizations. To coordinate with rest of the team to develop custom Batches & Algorithm’s as per the functional/technical design. Anticipate customer needs and provide inputs for solutioning. Analyze and constantly improve systems, processes and nature of service being provided to ensure customer delight. Bring unresolved issues with the client, understand stakeholder views and resolve the issues. Provide quick support during testing phase. Create & review the Test Strategy with all the parties involved. Develop Test strategies for the functional/Technical areas. Develop plan to test the migrated data (data migrated to higher environment). Preparation of Test cases and Scripts for ST (System Test), SIT (System Integration Test), UAT (User Acceptance Test). Full-fledged support and defect analysis during various phases of testing like System Test, System Integration Testing, Functional, performance testing. Conduct and share code review comments and assign it to corresponding team members. Review the fixed comments and test the code. Full-fledged support and defect analysis during various phases of testing like System Test, System Integration Testing, Functional, performance testing. Conduct root cause analysis to gauge the quality and take corrective steps. Perform project planning activities related to discovery, scheduling, deployment and post-migration phases of the CC&B. Maximize productivity by setting clear expectations and proactively communicating project status, issues and risks to the Project Management. Ensure smooth transition of system from Test to production environment and checking the readiness of production environment. Prioritizing issues during resolution and preparing a mitigation plan. Conduct review meetings to understand the progress of the tasks. Encourage the team members to flag any issues on priority. Understand any issues that may affect the delivery and flag it with the Lead proactively. Attend daily status calls to update the progress. Prepare understanding documents for future use. Prepare Issue Log Report. Prepare a risk register document to track all the risks. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Sr. Testing Engineer

Software Developer needed to perform the following duties: Actively involved in Analysis, design, development, Unit testing and System Integration Testing in agile methodology. Designed and developed back-end web-services written using the Spring framework, Restful web-services to work with the front-end components written in Angular 6 to implement a web application which interacts with the other banking components to carry on the daily activities inside a bank applications. Responsible to follow HTTPS protocols while coding. Designed and developed 100% responsive and cross browser functional web pages using Angular 6, Angular material design. Created and maintained MS SQL database queries for the system by altering, deleting, updating tables, fields and integrity constraints according to the design and user requirements. Actively involved and performed unit testing, system integration testing and developed functional test cases using JMOCKIT framework for the back-end tests and Karma framework for the front-end tests. Write Flow Charts, Design Document, Technical Specification Document, Sequence Diagram, UML diagrams and Use Case Diagram for the applications. Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures for the code. Document and maintain software functionality. Develop loosely coupled web services which will be independent and can be used across all the applications in bank domain. Specifying the inputs and outputs needed for the web services such as REST or SOAP in the retail platforms for the channels to consume. Comply with project plans and industry standards. Deploy programs in development server and application server. Coordinating with all the other applications to identify the common functionalities and provide shared services. Ensure that Object Oriented programming is implemented throughout the applications so that all the properties of code Abstraction, Inheritance, Overloading and Overriding concepts are used to simplify the coding techniques and identify the error codes. Adhere to the standards of Object Oriented programming as it will play a major role in applying security to the code and data as deals with the clients data like Transactions, sale, Items, Easy Access., etc. Bachelor’s degree required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems.Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Software Developer:-

Software Developer needed to perform the following duties: Participate in meetings with Project Managers, Business Analysts and Developers to understand business requirements, identify project risks, tasks. Assist in preparation and review of project planning and estimates. Develop QA detailed tasks and estimates. Participate in sprint planning. Assist in design and review of test plan and test strategy. Evaluate and interpret requirements to develop and implement appropriate technical solutions. Create and review test cases/scripts. Create test data for all the test scenarios. Write SQL queries to validate data. Execute Micro services/APl’s using tools like ReadyAPl and Postman. Execute test cases and document test results using HP-ALM. Create and track JIRA tickets through the code releases. Work with project team to analyze test results and resolve defects. Participate in functional, system integration, and regression testing. Ensure all artifacts are complete and accurate. Ensure seamless coordination for testing activities related to concurrent product releases, and drive efficiencies across activities. Communicate test activities, escalation of problems, improvement opportunities and results. Provide the daily accomplishments, impediments in daily scrum meetings. Prepare of Test summary and Completion report. Participate in retrospective meetings. Bachelor’s degree required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems. Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Validation Engineer

Vensit Corp. seeks Validation Engineer for Sayreville, NJ office needed to perform the following Job duties : Involving in Risk Assessment and validation documentation of Production Support Instruments/systems like Filter Integrity testers etc. Investigations for the events caused during the process manufacturing. Performing GEMBA Walks on the Laboratory and Production equipment to ensure cGMP Data Integrity Compliance. Involving in Risk Assessment and validation documentation of Instruments/systems like Filter Integrity Testers, Autoclaves, Bio reactors, pH meter, etc., Production Inventory (Filling and Packaging). Tracking project status through MS Project and MS Visio. And providing updates to senior leadership. Working with System Owners to create Change Requests for system upgrades in Trackwise, which involve documenting the impact on existing controlled documentation and making the necessary changes. Work closely with various departments including Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory, Productions systems, and computerized systems to implement FDA data integrity and cGMP guidelines to avoid non-compliance, delays in production and data integrity issues. Review existing system specifications, procedures against the FDA guidelines and analyze the changes that are required to bring the systems back to compliance. Perform a root cause analysis for the issue by conducting detailed data analysis. Assessing computerized laboratory, manufacturing and computer systems to identify if the equipment compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines for electronic records and electronic signatures. Reviewing validation documentation and protocols of various laboratory and production equipment to ensure the system specifications and requirements align with data integrity and cGMP guidelines. Review system operating procedures with the equipment configuration or specification settings to ensure Data Integrity cGMP Guidelines are met with compliance. Investigating the root cause and initiating the change control requests and change requests. Conducting the demo sessions to the end users and operators about the safety and operation of the equipment(s). Creating, populating and maintaining MS Access Database using Visual Basic Macro for tracking system status, compliance information, validation activities of all the company Inventory. Bachelor's Degree required in Chemistry or Biology or Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering or Pharmaceuticals Engineering.Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Sr. Software Engineer

Vensit Corp. seeks Sr. Software Engineer for Sayreville, NJ office needed to perform the following duties: design, develop, Coding and Junit Testing projects using Java and J2EE Frameworks. Develop new the applications and services on specific business owner’s requirements by following the requirement specification document. Build logic using programming and database skills Oracle SQL and Pl/SQL. Work on stored procedures/Views in SQL to get the data from the Database. Creating packages and functions. Responsible for creating custom Interfaces shared across multiple group of IT Division using java framework. Develop Enterprise Shared Services across IT Department as an integrated services to application API. Recognizing upstream and downstream impacts. Improving Application Heath and Continuous Deployment. Writing Web Services to integrate application with external services. Responding to more complex, escalated enquiries from team members and checking the quality of their work. Integrating Building and testing and Deploying applications. Work on gathering the required data from database using various common SQL functions. Create various counters especially for monitoring the backend SQL queries like Open connections, % Query repositioning rate, Hard and soft throttled connections and Heartbeat time etc. which will help in fine tuning the queries and improve faster execution. Writing efficient Data Structures and Algorithms for Critical functionality. Responsible for creating Application Integration Using Java, J2EE, JSF, ice faces, Spring, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate. Creating Application with Multiple steps or processing tabs to give details information’s about loan processing and Integration with Different applications. Responsible for user inquiries, issue analysis and deal with them promptly and proactively. Working as Developer, responsible for partnering with internal/external vendors and sites across regions to achieve desired outcome. Work on diagnosing the complex issues and fixing them promptly and provide resolution and clear steps to the business users. Proactively anticipating the issues and identifying the root cause immediately to fix the same. Communicate effectively with various third parties. Flexible to provide support to different Applications trouble shoot if any issues. Bachelor’s degree Required in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Software Developer :

Software Developer needed to perform the below Job Duties: analyze the Business requirements and translate those into database requirements for implementing the corresponding database code. Provide application solution which adheres and confirms to business, system, application, information and security architecture. Participate in various aspects of the software development life cycle for software applications, which may include requirements gathering, application configuration design, business process analysis, scripting, code deployments, enhancement validations, triage of defects and change requests, escalations and urgent issues. Identifies data sources, constructs data decomposition diagrams, provides data flow diagrams and documents the process. Implement the overall technical vision for projects adhering to enterprise architectural guidelines. Develops effective and efficient database code adhering to design specifications. Develop database programs to automate the data extraction, transformation and the loading processes for multiple data sources. Develop complex programs to automate data movement process between heterogeneous systems, these systems have their own custom built interfaces. Create and modify database schema and schema objects in the relational data base. Develop database programs to enforce data security policies on the relational database. Implement enterprise governance, risk and compliance policies on the database using advanced techniques. Create data marts, develop programs to consolidate data from multiple applications and move it to these marts. Develops code using object oriented programming languages such as C/C++/C#, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, J2EE, .Net, Perl, iOS and other scripting languages. Troubleshooting problems and issues in the production systems, performing root cause analysis and considering multidimensional approach to resolve the problems. Enhance database logging for easy troubleshooting purposes. Identify bottle necks in database code and re-factor it to improve the performance. Recommend and make decisions that can be either strategic or tactical in nature that can impact the function and performance of database objects. Participate in unit and systems integration testing prior to the production deployment. Performing data profiling on multiple data sources to identify redundant and erroneous data. Develop code to validate data migration process and very complex business reports. Test integration between Mobile supply chain applications and third party tools. Create complex business reports these reports would require data from multiple data sources. Working on Scenario Matrix, Query/Report Analyzing, Validation and testing various forms built using Forms and Reports Builder. Developing and customizing of Reports and Alerts according to the client’s specifications and requirements. Bachelor’s degree Required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems. Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer needed to perform the below Job Duties: work on gathering requirements from business users and do data modeling in Teradata database. Develop high level design documents which details about the business requirements defined on the data structures in a Data Warehouse .Work on data modeling defining attributes of an entity and establishing relationships between the entities in a Database. Work on enhancement activities on the existing ETL processes like modifying the existing business logic, adding new columns etc. Work on integrating data from Teradata database to Postgres. Work on mapping or designing the logic based on the business requirements from the design documents using ETL tools. Work on developing stored procedures/Views in SQL to extract the data from the Database. Work on logic of the queries to filter the data by using the appropriate SQL join conditions, Analytical functions, Aggregate functions, Conditional statements like If, Then, Else and while or Case based on the requirements to get the correct result set. Creating required Teradata objects, Unix scripts and AutoSys jobs for materializing the views in Teradata. Work on creating Teradata tables and adding columns to a table, defining Primary Indexes, Secondary Indexes, Join Indexes etc. Designing the Unix Shell scripts to perform data validations. Scheduling the jobs through Autosys to load the data according to the frequencies defined. Collaborate with cross functional teams to integrate various features of the application. Work with different teams who are source data providers to extract the data from the source systems and integrate the data into the Data Warehouse. Write unit test cases, peer code reviews and code merging. Work on writing unit test cases to validate if the business requirements and test strategies are being met. Reviewing the code developed by peers and seeing if it’s as per the requirements. Working on merging the existing code logic with new or modified logic while working on enhancement changes. Work on Performance Tuning of Teradata database sql. Identify the bottlenecks by monitoring the Teradata Viewpoint or dbql tables and work on tuning the SQLs which are high resource intensive. Removing the redundant joins, eliminating skewed null values or skewed invalid data from the joins. Collecting stats on the joining columns and index columns of a table. Working on columnar compression and block level compression inorder to save space occupied by the DB objects. Work on code deployment and coordinate with Platform team to get the code to production environment. Work on promoting the code from the development environment to pre-prod environment with the help of version controlling tools. Work with Platform team to move the code from lower environments to production and validating if the correct code is moved to production. Bachelor’s degree required in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Software Developer:--

Software Developer needed to perform the following duties; provide critical technical input during technical and functional design meetings—ensure teams are leveraging the Workday investment properly across all technical work streams. Aid in design recommendation/decisions and provide cohesion across disparate teams. Review/contribute to/create strategy and architecture/design documents, ensuring alignment with the broader company roadmap and strategy. Participate in detailed technical design for conversions, integrations, reporting, security, and business process configuration. Ensure the Workday solution design is efficient for project timeline adherence as well as long-term maintainability. Assist during testing and post go-live phases to ensure appropriate feature uptake, product stability and uptime. Bachelor’s degree required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems.

Database Administrator

Job Title: Database Administrator Location: Sayreville, NJ Job Description / Skills, upgrade, enhance and migrate SQL server / MySQL server based application that meets user requirements.Create,modify and test various SQL queries, stored procedures and views for obtaining data from diverse source systems and platforms. Follow database development standards for Microsoft enterprise and application databases.Design database Backup and Restoration Strategy and once created the database Backups, monitor those backups regularly. Deploy database change scripts provided by third party vendors.Document the logical and physical components of operational databases and their functionality during the course of their work. Understand table indexing and query strategies,database objects maintenance and performance issues.Analyze problems as assigned and provide solutions to address business needs. Expert level of SQL Server RDBMS installation/configuration, patching, troubleshooting, performance tracking/tuning,back-up/recovery, remote monitoring skills with hands-on experience in large and very dynamic environments.Strong troubleshooting/performance tuning skills required. Must be able to improve SQL performance.Diagnose problems and triage/resolve issues across various tiers (application, network, database server or storage tiers). Ability to implement automation to reduce manual administrative tasks through use of jobs, shell scripts, PL/SQL, cron or other techniques,must be hands-on,technically adept DBA, capable of performing required DB task.Migration of changes to system test & production environments and Database maintenance.Frequent refreshing of database structure and data to prepare test environments. Frequent support of mass data updates to clean, add data and archive/purge data.Testing in support of database patches and application changes.Must have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Information Systems or Electronics and Communication engineering and 3 years of experience. Fax resumes to HR at 732-333-1427. No calls. EOE

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