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Software Development   |   Contract Staffing

Consulting Services
Our consulting unit enables clients to achieve the best possible IT and business objectives. It provides reliable, skilled and high-quality technical expertise. VENSIT can provide both individual and group of experts for your projects requiring a diverse range of skills to work either offshore or at your site.

Consultancy Procedure
•  Our process of Consultancy is very simple, yet keeping the standards to their high point
•  Understand our client's needs and requirements.
•  Study and document the business scope and its processes.
•  Plan the project according to the technical analysis conducted by our consultants.
•  Deploy the required resources to produce or help to produce the required solutions.
•  Manage the execution of the project.
•  Assure the quality of the solutions.
•  Provide on-going support and maintenance services.
•  Reasons of our success
•  Exceed the expectations of the clients and try to deliver more than what contract stipulates.
•  Fixing any issues/bugs in the software
•  Supporting the client's deployment team for software installation
•  User training
•  Responding to inquiries made by the Users
•  Help to restore the data due to some hardware failure
•  Making minor enhancements in the deployed application

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