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Testing Services Outsourcing

Global organizations are keenly aware of the potential of software testing in enhancing software durability, optimizing performance as well as minimizing total cost of ownership and improving new and ongoing IT investments. VENSIT’s well calibrated Testing Services makes it a strategic testing partner that provides major business advantages to a wide range of global firms across many industry verticals.

We provide a full set of specialized testing services including:
•  Flexible Testing
•  Business Process Testing
•  Comprehensive Lean Testing
•  Customized Technology Testing
•  Data Centric Testing
•  EAI Testing
•  Enterprise Mobility Testing
•  ERP Testing
•  Performance Engineering
•  Product Testing
•  Proprietary Accelerators
•  Security Testing
•  Telecom Product Testing
•  Test Automation
•  Usability Testing

Agile Testing
VENSIT has developed flexible and agile testing tools and models that are specifically designed for dynamic and fast development, along with testing cycles that embrace automation early on.

Business Process Testing
Frequently, business process validation may be needed for new software version releases, upgrades or patches. VENSIT’s proprietary automation testing effectively covers many common business processes with testing across a range of applications and technologies that help reduce overhead expense by streamlining the testing and maintenance processes.

Comprehensive Lean Testing
VENSIT offers comprehensive and lean test methodology that can be customized for any software development model and introduced during any phase of the testing lifecycle.

Customized Technology Testing
We offer customized test solutions that utilizes the expertise of our professionals from diverse VENSIT testing practices such as automation, EAI and performance testing.

Data Centric Testing
VENSIT provides the best of data warehouse and business intelligence testing services that are specifically designed to test complex warehouses, helping global clients with efficient data analysis for critical business decision-making.

EAI Testing
VENSIT EAI testing methodologies go an extra mile to ensure comprehensive testing of each service component at all levels to assess the fundamental causes of problems at the onset of the testing life cycle.

Enterprise Mobility Testing
There has been a rapid proliferation of devices and platforms for Enterprise mobility access. VENSIT offers comprehensive testing services for applications and devices on various platforms that help reduce time-cycle, cost and effort while adhering to the latest professional bench marks.

ERP Testing
VENSIT has evolved testing strategies for a gamut of ERP packages that speed up testing and implementation of ERP solutions, upgrades and rollouts, while guaranteeing robust performance and consistency of ERP solutions.

Performance Engineering
We provide Performance Engineering Services that have been developed to deal with enhancing speed, scalability and usability of enterprise business applications.

Proprietary Accelerators
VENSIT maintains a full range of test and domain accelerators and testing tools that are quick and easy-to-use, while enabling wider test coverage.

Product Testing
We offer a full suite of product testing services, from product research and development to implementation, with the aim of minimizing the unnecessary risk of callbacks, postponed rollouts and costly upgrades.

Security Testing
Our security appraisal methodology relies on OWASP, SANS and NIST standards and is designed to evaluate all susceptible areas of web and mobile applications, providing tools for client organizations to defend themselves from a range of known and unknown threats.

Telecom Product Testing
VENSIT has well proven testing solutions that spread across the telecom lifecycle – from design to deployment for mobile devices, network infrastructure and VAS platform.

Test Automation
VENSIT has a full set of test automation architecture and processes for a seedy testing that helps to gain better returns from investments in test automation.

Usability Testing
We make sure rigorous product evaluation and appraisal from the functional as well as external perspective of all tested applications, helping to accomplish better usability for all end clients.

Contact us to get a better insight into our capabilities, resources, novel processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s portfolio of successfully implemented outsourced Testing projects covering a wide range of industries and verticals.

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