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Application and Product Development

We at VENSIT believe that the crucial challenges for modern organizations encompass adopting rapid advancements in application and product development and deploying them in real time. In this creative environment, IT teams must handle tight budgets while implementing new technology under stringent time constraints – which requires strategies that consider supple management of applications in the initial stages to ensure a long lasting and dynamic life. A valuable and productive approach for efficient application development has been Outsourcing. It also allows for the speedy implementation of solutions using technology. At the same time the best of time tested processes, procedures, rules and logic are retained and the existing systems are evolved so that the organizations become the best.

VENSIT is capable of designing and developing application services that bring multiple key benefits to a range of enterprises. Specifically we provide:
•  Robust, Scalable, Modular, and extensible architectures that minimizes time-to-market and risk, which also minimizes cost and development time – all supported by technical excellence and domain expertise.

•  A well tested process that includes all phases of the software development life-cycle (SDLC), starting with translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production customer support.

•  Well experienced development teams that work closely with you and your partners to guarantee that the service bench marks are met or exceeded taking into account critical parameters of on-time delivery, within the specified budget and error-free development.

•  Established capabilities in outsourced application development using offshore, near shore and onshore resources that also includes customized, rapid and product application development processes.

•  Conversion of your legacy software into innovative technologies.

VENSIT’s service-oriented framework and internet enabled services include:
•  Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies
•  Client Server solutions
•  Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, MySQL)
•  EAI Solutions (SAP, SeeBurger, Tibco, BizTalk, Websphere Suite, EDI/Gentran)
•  Mainframes (CICS, DB2, IMS, IDMS, COBOL and JCL)
•  Portal Technologies (SAP Enterprise Portal and Microsoft Sharepoint)
•  Web Technologies (Java, J2EE, ASP, .Net, PERL, PHP and Python)

Contact us for a better insight into our capabilities, resources, innovative processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s portfolio of successfully implemented application development projects covering a wide range of industries and verticals.

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