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Outsourcing Services

Taking on board innovations in application infrastructure development and deployment is one of today’s core challenges for organizations. In this creative environment, IT teams must handle tight budgets while implementing new technology under stringent time constraints – which requires strategies that consider supple management of applications in the initial stages to ensure a long lasting and dynamic life. A valuable and productive approach for efficient application development and maintenance has been Outsourcing. VENSIT employs outsourcing strategies through a time tested process that assesses all merits and demerits associated with the transition of your enterprise applications to either offshore, near shore or onsite capabilities. We ensure that all outsourcing initiatives strongly adhere to stakeholder mandated requirements and expectations on all levels, in addition to monitoring and reporting all milestones, measuring the returns of the initiative. VENSIT offers a full spectrum of outsourcing services to sustain and enhance the complete IT delivery chain.

These services comprise:
•  Outsourcing Model
•  Application Development
•  Application Maintenance
•  Business Process Outsourcing
•  Global Delivery
•  Quality Testing

Contact us to get a better picture of our capabilities, innovative processes and technology solutions. We will be pleased to offer VENSIT’s track record of successfully implemented outsourcing projects covering a wide range of industries and verticals.

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